Shutting Off to Present at Ignite Denver 14

We’re excited to announce that Shutting Off will be presenting at Ignite Denver 14 coming up on June 13 at the Oriental Theater in Denver. Come out and join us (and more than 300 other people) to learn about why Shutting Off helps you to better connect with the world around you.

Ignite’s unique format provides for a fast-paced, humorous and engaging presentation. Presenters each have five minutes and 20 PowerPoint slides which automatically advance every 15 seconds. Once the train has left the station, there’s no turning back. Shutting Off will be the fifth presenter, so come out and join the crowd to hear from several other presenters on a variety of topics. If you’re feeling festive, Ignite 14 will be a June-O-Ween celebration, meaning you’re invited to come in costume.


When: Thursday evening, June 13 at 7:00 pm

Where: Oriental Theater, Denver, CO

What: ThirteenIgnite presentations on a variety of topics, including a presentation from Shutting Off

Cost: $5, tickets can be purchased here

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